Take a look at some of our current designs and concepts.

We utilize the latest concepts in design & construction to provide our clients with the ability to maximum the size & use of a new building on the proposed site, while determining the most efficient & cost-effective methods to build the new building.

Our team integrates many years of design & construction experience with current design techniques to offer our clients the most current & state of the art integrative design solutions on the market. We make clear, crisp designs that flow from a client-based perspective. Using your ideas, customer personas and models, we use a detailed methodology to deliver the best outcomes and solutions.


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Our Vision and Experience

Our team has been involved in the Construction industry since 1986. We utilize this vast experience in our designs to assure our clients that all of our projects will be designed correctly and in the most efficient manner. Safety is our number one priority no matter how small or how large a project may be.


Christopher Hanson, PE




Attention to detail, experience and appreciation for the complexity of construction, along with bringing our talents in creating unique and inventive designs that combine & utilize the elements of science, skill & technology to the best of our ability.


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Structural Inspections

Our firm can provide inspection services that include; Special Inspections, Home Inspections & 40 Year Safety Inspections.


Expert Witness Consulting

We have been involved with assisting Lawyers on multiple construction legal case over the past 20 years. Our team has extensive knowledge with legal proceedings for legal cases involving claims in the construction industry including deposition’s and taking the stand during a trial.


Structural & Civil Design

We are a full service Licensed Professional Engineering Firm offering:

Civil & Structural Design Review

Civil & Structural Permit & Construction Documents


Our Projects



We are currently updating our website and will post some of our projects shortly

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